Graduated in Computer Science at the University of Fortaleza – UNIFOR, he took his first steps in CG in 1989 and became a professional in 1991. In May 1995, he created BEstCG Bulcão Estúdio de Computação Gráfica.

I would like to thank those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the development of my work, summarized

here on this site: advertising agencies and their creative directors and art directors, marketing, service and media

professionals, etc.; video producers, in particular to their directors and editors, and all those who, behind the

cameras, make things happen; to sound professionals, composers, musicians, broadcasters, etc. This site was

created mainly for all of you and your clients.

Choosing which projects would be part of this portfolio was a difficult task. The ideal would have been

not to exclude any of them. Many projects, although older, have their estimated value, their relevance

within a time or context. I therefore decided not to follow a chronological order in the choice of

the parts that compose the portfolio, as well as in the assembly of the demo reel.


I leave here also my gratitude to the computer graphics artists who were part of BestCG’s floating team:

modelers, animators, concept artists, freelancers, etc., super talented professionals who have greatly

contributed and enriched my work.

João Soares Bulcão Filho
Knowledges / Skills
Project Mananger
Animation Director
Art Director
    Character Animator
        Shading / Lighting
          Rig / Skin
            Sound FX
           Post Prodution / FX

If the "mouseover" feature (visualization of the preview of the videos by hovering over your thumbnails)

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find a nice demo video giving instructions on how to use the features of this site. Many thanks and enjoy!

2006 - Atitude Mídia (em São Paulo)

Participou do time de modeladores e animadores

que produziu vídeos de animação para uma empresa de produtos farmacêuticos.

2006 - Rede Globo (no Rio de Janeiro)

Participou do time de modeladores e animadores

que produziu o Carnaval Globeleza do corrente ano.

2005 - ComSom (em Portugal)

Diretor de Animação, modelador, animador

do time que produziu o seriado

"Nesquik - Escola de Campeões" para a SIC.

+55 (85) 2181.7434   9 9715.2251
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I tried to make the experience of seeing the projects contained in this site intuitive and fun, with many

slideshow openings and expansion mode, and providing an exclusive interactive player which

contemplates the current and goes back to the old, like a symbiosis, referencing and shaping BestCG’s

trajectory over the years.